Mitsuyoshi Miyazaki


The mind and the architecture

In this project, the context of the"City" and "Museum" are based on the virtual situation as The map of "CAMPI MARTI I" by Piraneige.

Due to the situation is virtual, the motivation and the mind of people living here have to be made. I set a view of the world of "citizens in map" as a "book". Their mind, philosophy, and the shape of the world all comes from the idea of "book". For them, the movement of sunrise and sunset is turning the page of book(world).

If we stands on their mind like above, the museum of them should keep their passing days. The model in the next page shows the idea to keep passing pages. The paper are fixed by a stapler, and as pages are turned, some part of paper are remain with ripped off.

Finally, the several layer of paper had remained, and it represent the mind of museum of citizens.