Mitsuyoshi Miyazaki


Redesign of horizontal bar

In Japanese park, there are always some typical playground equipment, one of them is a "Horizontal bar (iron bar)".

A horizontal bar is widely known as kind of bitter feeling tool for children, because of it's examination. Children are inspected whether they can do forward upward circling on the horizontal bar in P.E. class. The formation of them are also help this serious character. Basically they are arranged in strait line, so children are using in same direction. It have been very lonely play tool.

The Ring-round is also used as horizontal-bar, but it's shape is encircled. The part of bar which is horizontal are placed in triangle and twisted. The entire bar is closed in one loop, and the basement are hidden in ground, so it looks simple circle string.

Children can use in these three horizontal part in one time, so they can enjoy together.

While the horizontal bar is only for the athletic using, the Ring round can be used in several playing, because it is making space of inside and outside.